Wednesday, February 1, 2012

First foray

Hi everyone! If you found yourself here from Snarky Rider's excellent interview with Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue, welcome! I hope you'll stick around.

I know it's looking pretty sparse around here right now but I am hoping to turn this blog into a place to share ideas about "riding on the cheap" which, admittedly, is impossible to some degree. I believe that lessons are absolutely imperative for safety and that isn't exactly pocket change, but there are some things I have found that do lessen the cost and I'd love to hear your ideas too.

Hence the name: the Collegial Equestrian. (Plus it has that association of "college" even though that's not actually what it means)

Some ideas I have for future posts are:
  • Conformation clinics for Gentle Giants
  • An investigation of the good, the bad, the Parelli
  • A response to a This American Life episode I listened to called "Adventures in the Simple Life." It was about a bunch of non-equestrians who decided to up and travel across the country on horseback...which I found completely irritating for several reasons, namely because traveling with horses IS NOT SIMPLE.
  • A multimedia post of helmet cams! I love helmet cams!!!
  • Maybe some exciting stories of falls and crashes.
  • Whatever sounds like a good idea in the comments (hint hint!).

So...again, welcome, and thanks for stopping by as I'm just getting this whole thing started!



  1. Great idea for a blog! Always looking for cheaper ways to ride!

  2. Why hello there, Carla! Thanks for commenting over on my blog, I'll have to add you to my blog links so I check out you updates in the future. :)

    No posting ideas at the moment but if you like helmet cams and gentle giants, you should also check out

    Kieran and I want to be like Klein and Stacey when we grow up. ;)

  3. @Analise--Oh yeah, I recognize that horse from the picture of the huge coop jump you posted on FB! She has a very cute bubble butt like Rurik.

  4. What a great start and a nice way to combine two of your major interests/talents. Good luck, Carla! Aunt Michele

  5. oh there's nothing as enjoyable to an equestrian as a spectacular (and non-fatal) spill.

  6. Agreed! Well, enjoyable in the "look at what a badass I am" sense. Not so enjoyable in the "takes-three-tries-to-get-my-aching-body-out-of-bed" sense.

  7. Here's the ultimate way to cut tack costs: go bareback. When I realized Estes' saddle no longer fit her properly and I couldn't afford a new one, I went bareback. I've been riding primarily bareback for the better part of five years and love it. It's made me a much, much better rider than I was before.