Tuesday, February 28, 2012


So of course, when I posted my "be a responsible student!" blog entry before work,  it was cold and windy....but now that I've emerged from my cubicle, it's absolutely beautiful, and a perfect day to ride... but I have homework, dinner with my roommates, and then a club meeting.


Going to go running instead since that will only take 20 minutes or so. Hopefully I'll feel so loopy from jamming to Girl Talk and lapping all of the pedestrians on campus (yes, I still feel a sense of accomplishment from passing people who are just going to class and not actually racing me) that I won't be so mad at Mother Nature. Why, why, why does she have to torture me with 50 degrees in February?!?!

I have a story already written (just have to edit it) about my dad's obsession with running, my obsession with riding, and our mutual misunderstanding that I'll post later this week. Stay tuned for that and some other post ideas I've come up with from browsing COTH.

Ok, embarrassing confession time. When I run, I try to get a good tempo going by imagining that I'm actually doing a nice, floaty, extended trot. Does anyone else do this, or am I just weird?

I also like to practice keeping my shoulders down and hands quiet while I run, but I'm not embarrassed about that because it's actually been really good for my muscle memory.


  1. LOVE girltalk- that is my favorite running music too.

  2. I always aspire to a tolt when I run lol

  3. I do the exact same when a run too. But i always glance at shop windows to see if my reflection looks like I'm still normal and not a human Moorlands Totilas. ;) and then when I slow my pace, I imagine I am doing a very round and impulsive working trot, I've been known to occasionally arch my neck slightly... bit only when I'm running in a secluded locale. :P

    1. I do the same...it feels good for your back! Especially if you arch center, left and right. Who cares if you look like a nut?