Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Trunk tack room

The trunk-turned-tack-room seems to be a staple of any college equestrian I've talked to, and I'm no exception. There's just not a good place to put stinky (to non-initiated roommates) horse stuff in dorms or shared apartments.

Since I don't have my own horse and I ride such a variety (from Haflinger ponies to warmbloods and drafts), it has never made sense for me to buy my own saddle, which frees up some space...for all the other horse stuff to fit comfortably.

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I swear to you, in most other aspects of my life I am pretty neat and tidy.

Longer post coming tonight if I achieve my goal: finish up one cover letter and start another.

EDIT: Clearly that did not happen. Sigh! Well, they're done now, putting me at job application #9 so far.

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