Saturday, March 3, 2012


I'm excited for my birthday next week. Not because 22 is anything really special...
They won't be tied for long.

...but because my collection of riding breeches will outnumber my collection of jeans. Love my boyfriend--he called today to ask if I would mind "randomly, just for no real reason" sending him a link to the eventing safety vest I told him about months ago. I am not really jumping with the horses I ride now though, so I'm sending a link to Riding Sport's full-seat breeches instead. I've never ridden in full-seat breeches before (those Kerrits tights in the middle just have ginormous knee patches) so we'll see how it goes. I chose the olive color--I really like those old-fashioned colors that are more on the mustard-y side.

Slowly but surely...he will become a barn boyfriend. I've already gotten him to watch my lessons a couple times (at the cost of having to watch football games in return), and he wants me to teach him to ride, but I don't have a horse that I can use for that. One day!

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