Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Things On Deck

 So right now I am rather swamped with stuff I have to write for my internship and 50 pages of Gabriel García Márquez's Crónica de una muerte anunciada before Friday. All of the Spanish words I don't know probably take up about 15 of those pages so reading it in preparation for a paper I'm going to write on it is sloooow going.
Nope...can't get myself going to do a real post today. via Hungover Owls

The good: I am continuing to challenge myself inside and outside the arena--I skipped my Thursday ride to host a high school student for an overnight college visit and it was so unexpectedly pleasant for a new-people-phobe like me that I'm going to write about it.

The bad: I just realized I can't learn how to do conformational analysis in one night. My verdict on the Gentle Giants will come this weekend.

And the ugly: My lesson this week. It was so upsetting that it's going to take a while for me to remember that I don't suck all the time and that my path to improvement is not's more like two nice forward steps and ten OH MY GOD THE WIND DEMONS HAVE POSSESSED THE FLOWERS UNDER THE JUMP AND NOW THEY ARE SWAYING AND DOING AN EVIL SPELL TO KILL ME steps.

No real post today. I said no, no, no. via

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