Sunday, June 10, 2012

Summer Project Update and Pre-Job Jitters

Hello adoring fans,
I know you've been on the edge of your seat since I first posted my suspenseful description of Sailor ("suspenseful description" meaning "a sentence I forgot to finish about Sailor." It's fixed now, thanks to a tip from analise). I finally got around to working with him yesterday, and...he was a total pain in the rear. A pain to catch, a pain to bridle, and a pain to keep focused (who am I kidding, he didn't pay attention to anything for more than 5 seconds because EVERYTHING was out to get him).

I still haven't ridden him yet. Yesterday was the first really hot day that I've gone to the barn, and that's always tough. Add the fact that it took a very frustrating two hours to catch, groom, and tack Sailor, and you've got a recipe for longe work only. We didn't make much progress, unfortunately. I tried the same trick I did with Levi (setting irregular ground poles on the longe circle) to get him to pay attention, but no dice. I just got a freaked-out horse who wasn't even looking where he was going, and thus was knocking his feet on the poles left and right.

So I tried regular longeing on the flat. It was difficult to get him to walk on the longe instead of halting and walking towards me, but I made the circle smaller and walked with him instead of just pivoting in the middle of the circle. Eventually I did get a walk, but his brain was definitely in another place. We tried the obstacle course again at the trot, and no I changed my goal to getting him to walk over the ground poles. We did achieve that, but at that point we were both hot, sweaty, and tired. Next weekend the rescue owner is going to show me what she does to get him to focus, which will be wonderful because I really couldn't figure him out.

In other news, my job starts tomorrow! It feels like the night before the first day of school--I've got my outfit picked out, my lunch packed, and the only thing left to do is to hurry up and wait. I woke up suuuper late this morning (er, afternoon) so hopefully I will actually get to bed at a reasonable hour. I've got at least an hour-long commute to look forward to...but at least my car is finally in working order again (*crosses fingers that its transmission sadness is over for good*).

Well, until bed I'm going to watch my favorite Youtube vloggers. This is yet another tangent from my overall horsey theme, but I think you'll enjoy this small sampling. They're better than TV.

My Drunk Kitchen :This is a young lady who likes to get drunk, make puns, and attempt to cook. It is hilarious.

Jenna Marbles: I always get the urge to narrate my life in the voice that she uses to talk to her dogs. You'll see what I mean at the end of each video.

Community Channel: This is an Australian girl who likes to comment on the weird things of life and play multiple parts in the little scenes she thinks up to illustrate those weird things.

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