Saturday, September 15, 2012

Shopping spree!

So I had a tack store adventure today with a barn buddy! We went to Saddlery Liquidators in Haymarket, VA, which she described as "Costco for horse stuff." It totally is. Sadly I forgot to take pictures of the store, but I was drooling over all the foxhunting stuff and adorable kid's jodphurs with cuffs at the ankle,  just like the ones I had and loved years ago. Oh well...guess that means I just have to go back! Especially since, as we found out, they give you store credit if you buy a lot of stuff.

I intended to get Vienna reins, a surcingle, and an oversize cavesson for longeing, but their prices were slightly more expensive compared to what I researched online (and they didn't have Vienna reins), so I'm holding on that stuff for now. Hooray for being cheap! I did get a short-sleeved show shirt (for the awesome price of $25), some Lexol leather spray, a hairnet and something I never would buy for's Western boots.
Oh yeah. Ready to show.

Yup! Byron is going to start taking lessons with me in the near future now that he has the gear. He didn't want to go the paddock boot route (even though they are cheaper! tear) because he dreams of being a badass cowboy. Even though he'll be riding English...the saddle does not make the cowboy. And neither do the cows, because Gentle Giants doesn't have any. And after a childhood incident when a barn owner's pet steer (yeah, I know. Doesn't make sense to me either) cornered me in a tack room and rammed me in the knees with his head over and over, I reeeeeally don't like cows.

Byron breaks in his boots by playing Madden. That's how it works, right?

Detail on the stitching
As for my show shirt, I am hoping to get the collar monogrammed with my initials for the schooling show I'm doing this fall. Is it silly to put that much effort into how I look for a schooling show? Maybe. But at least it's white so I could use the shirt, if not the collar, for any dressage show I might do. That's what I'm telling myself, anyway!

Not sure why the ventilation is halfway down the sleeve. I don't sweat there.
 On the way home, I got turned around and went the wrong way on Rt. 66. I decided to keep going because once I re-routed my GPS, I saw that it was going to take me right through Middleburg and I have always wanted to check it out. Though it added about 30 minutes to my trip, it was beautiful driving and I saw some interesting sights, including more than 5 horse trailers in like 20 minutes, beautiful windy country roads, a polo field, and the Chronicle of the Horse wifi signal (it popped up when I was checking my map near Main St!). I also saw like three fences that had coops built into them!
Just like this! Didn't take a picture while driving of course.
Seriously, just the drive gave me a horsey brainsplosion. Yup...definitely taking another trip to Middleburg the next time there is a big horsey event! they have some drool-worthy tack shops there too. Sadly, probably not at Saddlery Liquidators prices.

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