Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bi-weekly report

I know, I know. I've been remiss in my posting, and even worse, exciting horsey things have been happening.

Last Saturday: Rode the resident evil pony at the rescue--well, calling her a pony is just a matter of height. Though she has a little pony face and short little legs, the rest of her is definitely horse-sized.

Chunk chunk chunk

Why do I have that crazed smile plastered across my face? Well, little Miss Heidi the Hellflinger decided she was done for the day. She gave a loud snort and reared, and I just started cracking up. Even when a pony is being really rotten, I just don't get nervous in the way I would if it was a horse. I asked for forward. She reared again--this time going straight up in the air.

I had some time to think about the state of my life in that moment. Thoughts such as, "Wow, I didn't realize she could make herself this tall," "Should I bail?" and "Hmm, wonder if she's going to flip over," crossed my mind. Thankfully she didn't flip, but I still swung my leg over her in an emergency dismount.

I led her over to the mounting block to get back up.

She didn't like that idea.

So I longed her for like 5 minutes, and asked for one or two laps of her not striking out at me before she could be done. (Novel concept, I know.)  Not sure if I'll ride her again since even though she is very funny to me, I really see zero prospect of her becoming a lesson horse...and although I can ride out her two-legged hijinks, one thing I am NOT ok with is potentially being squished by 800 lbs of pony.

This Saturday: BYRON RODE A HORSE!!! He was pretty apprehensive at first, but once he realized that I had put him on a true Gentle Giant (Caladhin) and that nothing terrible was going to happen, he was confidently walking around (at the glacial pace of an old draft horse) and figuring out steering. He asked a lot of questions and it seems like he really wants to learn, which I love. I don't have any illusions that he'll be joining me at the barn 45 minutes away to hang around what he sees as giant girlfriend-crushing beasts every weekend, but if he can get to "mosey along on the trail every once in a while" level I think that would be awesome.

His verdict: "Well, it wasn't terrifying."

Now I owe him some time spent playing videogames with him in exchange.

As for this Sunday: That gets a post all to itself. Stay tuned.

Thanks to volunteer Chris L.H. for photos.


  1. That fat pony looks just like a Thelwell pony and has the attitude to match! Too funny. And rearing is definitely not on the list of "Things to look for in a school horse".

  2. Just wondering if you still ride Levi? He originally came from my barn and was wondering how he was doing. Thanks.

    1. Yes! He is my star lesson horse (considering he is the only one I have who is consistent WTC and jumping) and he is doing great. He is helping several people to learn to canter and jump 12-18" and the very occasional 2'.

      Only bad thing is that I don't have 5 other horses like him. I try to limit his use to no more than 2 lessons in a day.

  3. Loved this post so much, Carla, I even looked up my login info (grrrr, not easy!). Levi's original barn: I am one of Levi's MANY devoted fans--wonderful ride, terrific personality :-). You have another one like him, let me know ;-)