Saturday, November 3, 2012

Horse haikus

Getting the creative juices flowing today. Got the idea from the always-hilarious HorseNation haikus.

"Summer Turnout"

Not fat, just big boned.
Mom, not in front of my friends!
Grazing muzzle blues.

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"Summer Turnout, Part II"

Handful of grain? I
know I'm no Rambo model
but this is abuse.

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"No Escape"

Leaves whisper a hex.
That bucket wasn't here before.
Everything's haunted.

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"Show Day"

Wake up so early
Groomed, braided, ready:
It storms at 8 a.m.

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"Leaves Aren't Interesting When You Can't See Red"
Fall hack, boring walk
Straight shot back to my stall
Ha ha ha ha ha

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From Byron:

I want to run free.
Stuck in my stall though
I will poop so much.

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Feel free to comment with your own :)

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