Sunday, April 14, 2013

Day 03 – 30 Day Horse Challenge – Your Best Riding

Hmm, this is tough since I feel like with every lesson, I have some kind of "aha" moment where I fix some problem. I feel like the best is still ahead, once I can put all the pieces together. I guess if I was to speak in more general terms, those "pieces" are:
  • I have a goal in mind for the ride;
  • My horse is between my hand and leg, feeling energetic but controlled;
  • I have at least twice as much leg as hand;
  • I'm giving unambiguous, fair signals to my horse and correcting only when necessary (as opposed to nagging or drilling);
  • I'm thinking one step ahead of my horse (or better, several);
  • My hips and thighs are relaxed, not restricting the horse's movement;
  • My abs are acting as shock absorbers;
  • My hands are quiet enough to feel my horse's tongue, and my arms are giving rather than rigid;
  • I am present in the moment, not distracted by other aspects of my life, and taking the time necessary to do things correctly;
  • I'm aware of others in the ring and not getting in their way...or I'm aware of the trail conditions and staying away from holes or deer;
  • I end the session when I've reached my goal--even if that means I only ride for 15 minutes;
  • And who are we kidding here--I have a totally awesome schooling outfit. It makes a difference.

I can think of times when all of these aspects have come together in lessons recently, but I don't think I've ever sustained it for an entire ride. So that is definitely a goal to work toward.

Anyway, I feel like that was a bit short/not as narrative as I hoped, so I'll leave you with two rounds of the Pictionary Telephone game I played with my friend in Pittsburgh and her roommates.  Warning--this is not the most G-rated game.

Ok, so apparently I've been mishearing Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa by Vampire Weekend this entire time.

And it comes full circle.


  1. I love pictionary telephone and we also end up not having G rated games.. lol

  2. I've never played that, but those images are hilarious haha.