Sunday, April 21, 2013

Day 09 – 30 Day Horse Challenge – Riding Injuries

Oh man. I just found out that The Saddle Club is on Netflix and I am having a ball watching it with Manchego while I fold laundry. It's like double adorableness, plus accents. Right now Lisa's safety whistle is saving the evil Veronica from wild dogs on the trail. Oh yeah, we've all been there, right?

It is way past my bedtime though so I'll get right to the challenge.

My most long-lasting riding injury came from my much-referenced horse-falling-on-me incident at a show--my hips were misaligned by a couple degrees and that made my hips creak with a disturbingly zipper-like sound when they were stiff. That's improved over the years though and I haven't heard it since my sophomore year of college when I was going to a lot of concerts and standing still for a long time would aggravate it.

And aside from miscellaneous cuts and bruises from falling, the only other serious injury I've had is a (possible?) mild concussion from when I fell off Joey on my first trail ride with him. Who said therapy horses were boring?

Ahhh I'm dying from how awesomely bitchy Veronica is. "A Saddle Club member who can't even canter? How beginnerish is that?" I love it.


  1. In college animal planet used to have "Saddle Club Sundays" I always watched it hungover... so cool they have it on netflix

  2. Saddle club= awesome. I was always in love with the stable hand