Monday, April 22, 2013

Day 11 – 30 Day Horse Challenge – Find a Horse For Sale Online That You Would Want to Buy

YAY! I came home to find Down to Earth Dressage in my mailbox. I'm already about a third of the way through.

Also my farm is doing a dressage "fix-a-test" clinic where you can ride a dressage test, get comments, and ride the test again to see if your score improves. It only costs as much as a lesson so I figure why not try Intro Test A? I know Midnight can do more than that, but I figure that is why dressage has levels--you move up, bit by bit. I'm going to make a day of it and volunteer to scribe and maybe set up or do rider check-in. I have never scribed before so I think I'm going to learn a lot. Maybe I will even report back with my Dressagin' Bingo card.

I called the woman who is organizing the event and even though it is a big barn, apparently the news of Midnight's spook has made the rounds on the grapevine already! I guess that's how it goes at any barn.

Perhaps I'm still in the honeymoon phase, but the only improvement I can see to Midnight is if he were gray. He is black so maybe we will get a little bit of gray as he ages :)

I found a very exciting looking Oldenburg in California:

Maxamillion--only $50k! Pocket change! Honestly I think he is way overpriced; I don't see 50k of horse in the video, but he looks like a sweet boy. The farm where I rode in high school had a bunch of sporthorses like this that I was always so envious of, and I have always been very partial to grays.

But honestly I am not in the frame of mind to horse shop. I am very happy with all my boys: my Bengal, my Siamese, and my OTTB. Oh yeah and Byron too.


  1. If you are going to window shop I recommend Hunter/Jumper Exchange, holy moley.. so much nice horseflesh!

  2. Yay Dressagin' Bingo! Do it!
    A 'fix-a'test' day sounds cool.

  3. I love this post on the 30 day horse challenge because I love window shopping for horses. It's ironic that you found a grey because last night I had an odd dream that my aunt bought me a grey horse. Apparently my dream aunt is more supportive and less critical than the real version.