Sunday, April 7, 2013

Dressed for success

I ordered some new full-seat breeches online! And of course, since buying full-seat breeches online is a really stupid idea, they didn't fit and they looked like diaper pants.

There was a really odd diaper pants fad in Spain the summer I studied abroad.
So I exchanged them for something I have wanted ever since I first saw them in a Dover catalog at age 12...


They just arrived yesterday, and in the right size, too. So after a lot of internal wondering if I would look ridiculous or not, I will be wearing them to try out Midnight. The only issue was what to wear with it...since you can definitely look like a crazy person pretty easily in plaid.

 Collared technical shirt with white piping?

Long-sleeve T-shirt style technical shirt?

Or cotton V-neck?
I went with option 3. I like wearing technical shirts normally, but fabric just looked kind of weird with the very traditional-looking (or as some might say, old-ladyish) plaid. I think I need to invest in some polo shirts. Heading out the door now!


  1. I love them! And I agree with the cotton v-neck choice. Very snazzy

  2. I love them they look super comfy. I would have picked choice three to :) hope it went well