Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Oh, Blogger.

It is always interesting to see the search terms people use to get to your blog. Most of mine are pretty ordinary--"equestrian blog," "viva carlos equitation," "bad dressage horse conformation" (poor Caladhin!)...

But can anyone illuminate what the heck someone who searches "ihsa one eared horse" is really looking for? I have never even heard of a one-eared horse. Hopefully they were searching for a one-eared Western bridle? I am worried for that person.

Anyway, the internet continues to be entertaining, what else is new.

I've decided to do that 30-day blog challenge so I have all the questions set up as drafts in Blogger. At first I tried to do title caps for each one, then it was taking too long on my creaky old Mac, and then I realized that some of them are long-ish questions and title capping questions would personally vex me to no end.

So I'm going to uncapitalize all of them for consistency. And I also realized that some of the questions are stupid (critique a famous rider's jump round of your choosing? That's just going to make you look like a snooty tooty pants) so I am going to make up a few new ones.

So, bottom line, blogging=doing whatever the heck you want because it makes sense in your own weird, obsessive little brain. If only my real editing job was so perfectly coordinated to my whims.


  1. Agree re blogging is do whatever you want!

  2. Blogging is doing whatever, and when I came to the critique question I critiqued one of my favorite rider's rounds positively! No snooty pants there!

    1. Sorry, I wrote this at like 11pm when I was feeling cantankerous! Wasn't trying to point fingers; I got the questions from Equestrian at Hart and she was baffled by that question too.

    2. Oh no I didn't think you were pointing fingers, just giving an example that you could critique someone positively and therefore not come off as snooty! Plus I think seeing what works super well in other rides can help us ride better (I know it definitely helps me!)

  3. I find it kind of creepy when I go and look at the sources of my blog. That's when it really dawns on me that I'm writing a blog. On the Internet. Publicly.

  4. OMG, I just found that feature on Blogger. I had no idea you could see that stuff! Most exciting one I have is "storms tickling adjustment"... wtf?

    I'm doing the 30 Day Challenge right now, but taking my sweet time with it. There are also ones that make me scratch my head... I'm only halfway through but some of them coming up I'm like, ahhh. Including the one you mentioned.

  5. Thanks for all the comments's really helping me to get my blogging mojo back! I'm pumped to do the 30 day challenge now when before I was kind of like, "meh, I need a way to kick myself in the pants and get writing again."