Saturday, May 4, 2013

Run for the Rescue 5k

Oh...duh! I was about to close up my laptop and then realized I did a semi-horsey thing today. My dad, brother and I teamed up to run the Race for the Rescue 5k at Gentle Giants. I hadn't run for like two weeks since it was icky outside and I was getting over a cold (notice that it didn't stop me from riding, ha), but I was able to run the whole way and even sprint to the finish.
Lol, I'm swimming in that shirt but I think I'll end up wearing it a lot. Thanks Chris L. for the picture.
I'm nowhere near as fast as my former-triathlete dad and my 18-year-old soccer-playing brother though. They both got firsts in their age groups!
It was a great course going around the perimeter of the farm--I got that feeling of "big open field...must gallop!" which, along with All Day by Girl Talk, motivated me to keep my pace up.  I hope they do it again next year. Here are a couple pictures I snapped while I ran.
The Percheron and Belgian welcome wagon

My dad leaving me in the dust

They even mowed for us!
Over the river and through the woods...literally
Post-race snacks
So after that I had a HUGE lunch for a family friend's First Communion celebration (5 course lunch?!) and now I am home and very sleepy. Tomorrow in addition to the dressage lesson I'm going to get out to the tack store and take advantage of the Charles Owen return policy...because I am not going to the schooling show or the clinic with that blue thing on my head, even with a helmet cover.

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