Friday, July 12, 2013

And another reason to be giddy...

Me, as Byron is engrossed in Starcraft: Hey, I have something to ask you when you're done.
Byron: Go ahead, what's up?
Me: I'mthinkingofbuyingasaddleandit's$800 but it's a brand with very good resale value--
Byron: Yeah, go for it. I was going to help you with that for Christmas anyway.
Me: Oh--well, it's the brand I was looking at originally, but I'm not 100% on it yet because I need more pictures, but if I buy it and it doesn't fit, I know someone who has a saddle fitter that comes out fairly regularly and could fix it up for like $70, and--
Byron: You had this whole pitch thought out before you came up here didn't you?
Me: Yup. And you're interrupting.

 So...yup! A Passier dressage saddle may be in my future...I can afford it but I'm very nervous since it would be my biggest horse related purchase yet. We shall see if it works out!

Pro Tip: Pitch big ideas to your significant other while they are distracted.