Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Queen of Clicks

I've decided to start posting links to my HorseNation articles here every Sunday...partially as a way to remind myself to actually write here on Collegial Equestrian, and partially as an evil ploy to get you to click and boost my ego when I see the click count going up. Everyone wins.

And by everyone, I mean me.

First much-awaited foxhunting story! The photo below is a bigger version of the picture I used for HN -- if you click this one you can actually see that it's me, but it's not cropped or color-corrected. I was so positively GIDDY to get this picture. Byron is blowing it up to like 30 inches across and framing it for me. Soooo happy and I can't wait to go again, though at $250/pop for the cap fee and use of the horse, I can't manage it very often.

However, Byron said that of any horse sport, he would be the most interested in foxhunting. So maybe one day when we win the Power Ball.

The blanket one turned out...interesting. I came across that Chronicle article about a fake study that's making the rounds on FB, and I tried to stay neutral in my writing, since I was hoping I'd get a lot of responses going back and forth since people's opinions differ so vastly on blanketing and clipping. (Full disclosure: I really don't have strong feelings one way or the other. Whatever makes sense for you and your horse.)

Well, I did get a LOT of responses, especially on Facebook...unfortunately it doesn't seem most people bothered to read the article, since many of the comments were about how that CSU study is fake. Duh. That's what the whole article was about!

Oh, the unwashed masses of the Internet...

PS -- If anyone ever has article ideas you think HN should cover (and you don't feel like submitting a piece yourself) PLEASE shoot me a note ( or comment somewhere on my blog! I am terrible at coming up with ideas so usually Friday rolls around and I'm like...hmm...I guess I'll look on the Chronicle forums for ideas! Then I just lose hours and hours of my life.


  1. I SO miss fox-hunting, haven't been in such a long time!

  2. That fox hunting photo is magical, it's postcard picture perfect. I am definitely going hunting next year!

  3. Wow. That's great that you are writing articles for HN. I went ahead and read a few. It makes me sad to not be with ma horsey, but they are great. I also love seeing that you still post on this blog! I think less than 5 of us from the class are still posting.

  4. Also, in honor of my new home, I think you should write about the Icelandic horses! They are quite amazing. Did you know that once an Icelandic horse leaves the country, it's never allowed back?

    1. I did not! I know nothing about Icelandics except that they are delightfully fuzzy and participate in No-Shave November (see above).

      I'll check it out. Cute things always do well on HN. Thanks for commenting and thanks for the tip! I'm enjoying following your Icelandic adventures. Are you just living there for the hell of it or going to school?