Sunday, January 19, 2014

SWOT, since I wrote about it on HN

I have to say I am nowhere near as organized in my goal-setting as someone, like, say, L from Viva Carlos, who inspires us all to be super overachievers.

However, I still like doing little surveys and things, and the SWOT analysis (which I just wrote about for HN, and which is getting an abysmally low number of pageviews) feels fun like a survey, but is also productive (kind of?).
From the coupon book Byron made for me: "We can make fun of others while we ride."

  • Have a horse to ride and stay in shape
  • Improved body awareness since last year
  • Figured out exclusively doing dressage does not make me happy
  • Supportive significant other
  • I've been a super chicken with riding in cold weather and snow even though we have an indoor.
  • Midnight is limited to light riding since he has a boo-boo on his leg. God knows what he did but apparently light exercise will keep the blood flowing and healing.
  • Money! I now have more money than I used to so riding is easier financially.
  • Great connections
  • Foxhunting opportunities
  • Finding a new horse
  •  Waiting for Midnight to find a new leaser (before you ask--I know I don't have to do this, but I'm sticking around as a favor to the owner)
  • Time crunch: my 'real' work schedule changed so I can't get to the barn till late, and weekends are semi-taken up with Horse Nation

 I won't lie and pretend I'm going to review these quarterly or whatever. Who knows what I'll be up to with my riding in a year? But here are some goals I think are feasible with where I am right now.
  • Foxhunt at least once in 2014.
  • Trail ride a bunch to get excited about riding again.
  • Keep up with dressage but also get back into jumping more once I get the new horse.
Also Byron will be riding at some point this year so I'm excited about that, but that's really more his goal than mine.

Ok, off to a 40% winter inventory clearance sale at the tack shop before I go ride!! I hope to score some tan winter breeches since the only ones I have are blue.

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  1. I'm glad that you still post now and again because I like to know you are ALIVE!!! :D

  2. Oh I am around...just mostly posting on HN these days! Check it out on weekends if you want to see my posts. They have an RSS feed