Saturday, March 22, 2014

Non-riding significant others say the darndest things...

Ok, so this is a topic I've already covered in a meme-tastic post for Horse Nation a couple months ago...but Byron just keeps supplying me with excellent new material. (Though of course, he would never say something boorish like "the horse does all the work." He is better trained than that.)

Me: I just met a polo pony named Guacamole today. Isn't that the best name ever?
Byron: Would've been better if it was named Guacapony.

Me: The lady I trail rode with today had these awesome rubber boots. Not like the cheapy ones I have--they looked like real dress boots, but you could wash them off with a hose.
Byron: So why don't you buy them?
Me: Because then I would have to admit to myself that I'm a secret tack ho.
Byron: Oh sweetie. You are undoubtedly a tack ho. And what's worse, you hate spending money, so you're like a $5 tack ho.
Me: :( I know...

Not that kind of tack ho (via)
Clerk in tack shop: So do you ride too?
Byron: Not first lessons are in May.
Clerk in tack shop: How great!
Byron: Yeah, you'll see me in the next Olympics. (signs receipt) You should probably save that autograph.