Sunday, March 2, 2014

The New Barn

If you are like me, you like to live vicariously through other horsey bloggers and see how their barns compare to yours. If you're not like that...well then why are you reading horse blogs?

This is the loooooong driveway in. I like farms that have long driveways--not only does it keep the horses well back from the road, but it gives me a chance to slow down and leave the rest of the world behind.

The upper barn where Polly lives has a really cool layout. There's this big storage area hub in the middle with brick walls (I guess it could also be a small arena if it was cleared out), and it has an aisleway branching off each of the four walls.
After my wedding venue searches, I'm pretty sure that if they wanted to, they could convert this into a place to have weddings to make some extra money! I certainly saw some that didn't look as interesting. Here's one of the aisles closer up so you can see the bricks:
A different aisleway, with lights on and Polly tied. I am excited just to have a horse who doesn't FREAK OUT in the crossties!

The saddle they're letting me use is an old, no-frills Stubben. It fits her really well but doesn't have a padded knee roll or thigh blocks. It does have a small knee block so you can sort of "set" your knee when in two-point. It needs a good cleaning and conditioning, but I like it!

The indoor arena. The ceiling is kind of low, so if Polly decided to try some airs above the ground I would be in the rafters. Hopefully that won't happen!

The outdoor arena, since it was in the 40s today! There is also another outdoor arena with jumps in it.

Hacking around the farm

Awesome lake on the property (hard to see, but it is fenced off from the paddock)
And just for kicks, a picture of Beckett being his usual weird cat self. He sat like this for about 10 minutes.

Why, Beckett, why?


  1. I love barns with character, and that barn has it in spades! What a cool place. And speaking of characters, Beckett, OMG! Haha. Seriously, that is a really cool facility, love the driveway - we don't have the long driveway, so we substitute a gate across every single doorway, lane, path and some of the aisleways. Nothing is safer than a long driveway though, you're right.

    1. It really does have character! Even after a boarder gave me the tour today I still feel like there are lots of nooks and crannies to explore. It's definitely not as fancy as the last place, but that's actually kind of a plus.

  2. This is a neat barn, and hey, random goats. That's cool too!