Saturday, March 17, 2012

Guilty pleasure

First day of Spring Break! What does that mean? More horsey time :) Tomorrow should be really fun because now that I'm home and close enough to drive to Gentle Giants, I'll be attending a rescue horse birthday party. Then I'll make the most of the rest of the week by volunteering on the days I don't have "real" work. Should be a great chance to see if my lessons are translating to more confidence riding the rescued greenies. I have like three jobs I want to apply to as well, plus it's not exactly a break, but at least I will get a lot more time outside.

Until then, I'm trawling through the internet for my guilty pleasure--spills and thrills. I don't know why I find so much pleasure in seeing other people fail, but I LOVE the Bad_Riding group blog on Livejournal. Sometimes the commenters can be ruthless on riders who were maybe just having a bad day, but there is still a lot of fail out there.

Here is one of the nicer videos that is clearly just showing mistakes. The last couple seconds of the video really make it--I think we can all relate to that "Really? Did you have to?" feeling.

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