Sunday, March 11, 2012

Musical interlude

I know that like me, many equestrians cross-train with yoga, running, etc. on the days when we can't get to the barn. I'd like to give a shot out to an up-and-coming blog that offers playlists of songs for different kinds of runs: A Runner's Mixtape.

I don't ride to music (dangerous!), but I absolutely cannot get through running more than a mile without my tunes. Here's my running playlist:
And here's my playlist for mucking stalls. Much more chill and though the barn where I work has older clients, the language is appropriate for any kids who may be around, aside from maybe "Expectations"(but that's a level of inappropriateness that takes a few listens to get):

I'll let this video speak for itself, aside from a warning that it contains some foul language:
I don't even care whether the music was what he originally used for his freestyle test--it is so perfectly matched! And what a beautiful, beautiful mover (though I wonder about all that tail-swishing/wringing?).


  1. Haha that video is too funny! Thanks for sharing your mixes with us! What a creative way to integrate someone else's topic.

  2. I like the mucking playlist. I mean Belle & Sebastian can make even shoveling crap a magical experience.

  3. Thanks! And agreed--especially when I already find mucking to be relaxing :)