Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Late-night riding

You know those cold, dark winter nights when you go out to the barn, and no one else is there? It's a relief at first to know you'll have the ring all to yourself. But then comes the realization that you're really alone, and every unexplained rattle seems like it could very possibly be a serial killer. Then you feel stupid when you realize it's just the barn cats scurrying around. But it's also quiet and peaceful, with just the horses munching. You can completely forget about everything as you wait, listening to the hum of the arena lights warming up.

50% spooky, 50% inspirational.
Well, today was not one of those days for me.  (To be honest I just wanted to share that picture with you all because I thought it was neat.) I thought it would have the barn to myself, since I got there around 7, but lessons were just winding down and a gaggle of parents were chatting in the aisleway with the barn manager.

They all left though by the time I was tacked up, and I actually did have the arena to myself...but I had yet another "just okay" ride. I got suckered into chasing rabbits, as my instructor would say. I find that I am struggling with keeping my leg back and under me for dressage (not surprising since I had that awful chair seat). If I'm doing anything other than straight and forward with my legs, I tend to draw up one or the other or stand on my toe--and then in the time it takes for me to fix it, Shadow would get crooked or try to cut a corner or slow down--generally just a lot of distractions for me to chase. I think it may be that I'm not using my WHOLE leg still, just my calf or heel. I guess I just have to keep being aware of it and keep fixing it--and reminding myself that even though I've been riding for 12 years, I'm a total dressage newbie.

An-y-way...not much to report. Just slow progress.

I wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who has done the blog hop so far. It has been so awesome to see that so many people were interested, and I hope you join me again next week. No more technical difficulties, I promise :) Next week I'll also ask everyone to add a question of their own since that is something I liked in other blog hops.

Can you tell my New Year's resolution was to blog and write more?

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  1. I have the lone ring problem a lot too, especially during the summer when all the kids ride during the day. Love the blog hop, can't wait for next week!