Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Joys of Pet Ownership

Yep, go ahead and chew on that purse, Beckett. There's not anything of value in there anyway.

So I thought I got a fancy pants Bengal cat for free, but he seems intent on making up for it. We've been really worried about him since Thursday, when he threw up 7 times. We were debating bringing him to the emergency vet then, but he was still his normal, energetic self so we decided to wait till morning...when he seemed fine again, although he still wasn't eating much. So then we decided to wait until his scheduled regular vet appointment this Sunday. And then he threw up again in the evening when

HOLY CRAP. Beckett just walked across the keyboard and wrote this:

 Hi birdy face birdy face? My cat is a genius.

Anyway, bottom line is he hasn't been eating much for the past two days, and what he does eat, he hasn't kept down. And he really seemed like he was in pain before throwing up--he was really yowling and howling, which was actually a good alert for us to put him in the bathroom and save the carpets. He seemed to have gotten his appetite back this evening, but he had been acting kind of lethargic all day...and then he threw up again and seemed really drained of energy. Of course this happened around 7pm when the regular vet was closed.

So off we went to the emergency vet. And down went our bank accounts. But we did rule out any obstruction with an X-ray, and he does seems to be doing better after getting fluids. We'll take him to the regular vet tomorrow for some other tests at a lower cost in his regular appointment.

So there goes a chunk of my horse fund! Uuugggh.

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