Thursday, April 11, 2013

Day 01 – 30 Day Horse Challenge – When and Why You Started Riding

I started riding when I was 11, after what felt like a million years of begging and explaining to my dad that riding wasn't dangerous or that expensive. Ha. Unfortunately for my dad, my first lessons at J-Mar Stables in Monkton, MD infected me with the horse bug, and there is no cure.

We chose that farm because lessons were cheap--only $30 for a group lesson. That may have been because it was literally in the middle of nowhere--with driving, grooming, tacking and untacking, the whole thing would take the better part of a Saturday. So after just a handful of lessons, we switched to a farm closer to where we lived, Patapsco Horse Center in Catonsville, MD.
In hindsight, this was a lesson factory, but I leased a lesson horse for a month here (the first horse I ever showed, SoCo) and I was in heaven. We left when they switched to an instructor who wasn't as good and increased the price of lessons. Fun fact--the Blair Witch Project was filmed in the extensive trails behind the farm. I'm glad I didn't know that when we would go on hacks after lessons.

Riding did NOT come naturally to me. I was convinced I would fall off every time I trotted at first since I was terrible at both posting and sitting, so it took many years to undo my "hunter crouch" AKA fetal position equitation. I would like to erase the years of flopping around like a sack of potatoes from my memory. But I think that the outward competitiveness that I lacked in other sports (most notably, basketball, when I threw a crying fit the day of my elementary school team's first game and never played again) turned itself inward when it came to riding, and I always wanted to improve. I couldn't give up after having whined and pleaded for lessons for so long!

Screen cap from video of Midnight
And funnily enough, I feel the same way still. Why give up now?


  1. Same thing for me! Riding doesn't come naturally but it makes you want to try all the harder to erase the awkwardness!

  2. Riding definitely didn't come naturally to me either. It's a constant struggle!