Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Day 05 – 30 Day Horse Challenge – Your First Fall

So the kitten continues to be a little menace who never sleeps at night and is constantly wailing his little head off. (And I mean WAILING, not cute little kitten mews.) I got ear plugs. Byron got cat calming drugs...so hopefully the combination will work and we won't be returning Don Quixote de Manchego to the breeder. Maybe he is trying to serenade Dulcineta, who knows...

Darn it if he isn't cute though.
He is dragging along a feather wand that is bigger than he is
 I also had my first official ride on Midnight today! It was amazing--I had cramps all day and I wasn't sure if I would do more than walk, but once I got on, it just seemed to melt away as we warmed up, and I felt 100% better. Sometimes exercise is the last thing you want to do, but it really helps. That is probably TMI, but over-sharing is what the internet is all about. We also braved the long side of the ring at the canter, and I was very pleased that I did NOT have a runaway racehorse like I did when I tried him out. The fact that I didn't have a death grip on his face this time probably was a factor.
Got a better photo of his cute face for you all
I love his owner's saddle but I am starting the research for my own. Leaning toward a used Passier all-purpose since apparently they are good for TBs that have a "dip" after their withers. Sounds like people at the barn are happy to help, but I bought The Horse's Pain-Free Back and Saddle Fit Book on half.com so I can have a better idea of what I'm doing. I also got Down to Earth Dressage--thanks for the recommendation, Carrot Top :)

Anyway, on to the challenge: my first fall.

My first fall occurred when I had been riding for about a year. I was on an Appaloosa named CopyCat in a group lesson, and my instructor was having us drop the reins and steer with our legs. We were in an outdoor arena...the wind was blowing...and there were jumps set up everywhere. You can see where this is going. Being an overachiever (and lacking common sense), I refused to pick up the reins when CopyCat locked on to a jump, and I tried to steer him toward the rail with my legs. This just made him canter over the jump (which I had never done at that point), and pop! Off I went. No harm done though.


  1. Love the kittens name :D lol mmm manchego! half.com.. why oh why did you now introduce me to such things. Glad you didn't get hurt on your first fall!

    1. Half.com is THE BOMB. I would get all my textbooks there in college and since it was mostly literature it was like $1 a book. The shipping was more expensive than the book!

  2. Always good when the first fall isn't painful or major!

  3. Glad your first official ride with Midnight went well :)
    My sister's kitten is a talker too, he's always saying 'feed me!' 'feed me!' 'feed me!'
    I hope you like the book!

  4. Midnight has got quite the handsome fance and I love the kitty! Don't send him back!

    1. I don't think we will :) Last night he only cried right at bedtime, then he settled down. Hallelujah!!!!