Saturday, April 27, 2013

Day 16 – 30 Day Horse Challenge – Your most recent fall

Considering that for the past year, I've been riding therapeutic and draft horses, my most recent fall was actually not that recent--almost exactly a year ago. Full story is here because it gives a better account than I would be able to do now since it was a while ago.

It basically stems from the fact that I have a bit of a complex about riding fancy horses that I don't feel worthy of or something--I think that is part of the issue with Midnight too. I need to treat him like any other horse, not some kind of fancy pants dressage prodigy that I can never live up to. I'll get there, with the help of some lessons...which by the way, begin tomorrow! It's a gymnastics jumping lesson so that should be really fun and give me a chance to work at letting my hip fold to meet the jump rather than flinging my upper body on his neck.

I'll be sure to let you all know how it goes. For now I'll leave you with a quote from Manchego's vet when I told her I also had another cat and a horse:

"Ah, so you're into the animals that you can have a mystical connection with."

Someone's been watching a little too much Saddle Club and for once it's NOT ME!
I will never be able to get the theme song unstuck from my head: "Hello world...this is me. Life should be fun for everyone!"


  1. Awww. Saddle Club :)

    I also never feel good enough to ride fancy horses. But a fancy horse, after all, is just a horse everyone makes a big deal out of. It`s not a good way to be!