Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Day 23 – 30 Day Horse Challenge – Critique a famous/well known equestrian’s jumping round of your choosing

Okay, okay, I know, I know. I'll get back on track with this blog challenge thing. As I mentioned though, I didn't really feel like doing this question so I got off track the night I intended to do it...blah blah blah. Anyway.

Rather than answering the prompt, I'll share a video I found of Intro Test A--considering that's practically all I'm thinking about in my horsey life right now.

I'm quickly learning that walking down the centerline...halting...turning...circling...are nowhere near as simple as I assumed they were. And Midnight has a lot of tricky little evasions he likes to do, like trying to sneak his way into a trot when I half-halt at the walk and getting all twisty and wiggly when I slow the walk down as I prepare to halt. Probably the trickiest parts of the test for us right now are getting the size of the circles right,  and getting enough "forward" to stay straight on the centerline at the walk, but still keeping it slow enough that I don't have to take 5 steps to halt.  In my lessons I've managed to put in some good tests, but also some pretty abysmal ones. So lets hope that there are no dogs running around, haunted bits of grass, or anything else to distract us on Sunday!

By the way, the schooling show never happened :( It got rescheduled for Mother's Day (for reasons I cannot determine; it made no sense) so I couldn't go. I spent my Sunday weeding and mulching for my mom!


  1. Oh boo, mother's day is not a good day for a horse show!

    1. Yeah, still not sure why they switched it last second. I think Mother's Day is the one day you're not allowed to use a horsey excuse on your non-horsey mom!