Wednesday, May 15, 2013

(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday

 Finally DONE with his mane and ready for the clinic!

Progress got slower around here...
DONE! It only took a month. (This is his War Horse face.)
Looking so peppy with his short hair!
The evil poles and XC jumps along the drive
A friend of mine put her awe of this jump well: "I would eat dinner off of that."

And just because.


  1. He looks great with a pulled mane!

    Love the shot of your kitty too. Chuck used to do that when he was younger... he doesn't usually anymore, but if you give him an opening he absolutely will. We also give them their water in a big dog dish because he'll tip over anything else. With this, he just puts his toys in it, haha.

    1. Well he's making mousie toy soup of course! We have one of those Petwell drinking fountains but I never plug it in because the burbling noise drives me insane. So it's essentially an expensive, electric dog bowl at this point.

    2. Oh my god. My cat used to do that too. Except once he stuck his head in a glass of chocolate milk, and when I got angry, he spooked and spilt milk all over the carpet.

  2. Fancy mane!!!

    Bahaha that cat pic!!!

  3. My pony's mane is this long too. But I don't want to pull it because I like being able to wrap my hands in it and hold on when we jump. :)

    Also, I love the comment your friend made about the jump. Dinner table for sure!