Sunday, June 30, 2013

Liebster 2

Got another Liebster award from Woven Web Diaries! Thank you so much. I hadn't heard of her blog before but I was quite pleased to see another cute black TB doing dressage.

11 Questions
1. Favorite racehorse and why? 
I don't really know much about racing, but apparently Midnight's grandsire is Alydar, the horse who went neck-and-neck with Affirmed in all three races of the 1978 Triple Crown and always lost by a nose. And then he went off to stud and was killed for the insurance money. Totally bizarre story that I had never heard of prior to leasing him.

Another interesting, yet tragic story--while I was touring colleges and still thought I wanted to be a vet, I visited UPenn's New Bolton Center while Barbaro was being treated there. He was under close security so I didn't see him in person, but the place was filled to the brim with get-well cards, signs and horse treats.

2. First racetrack you ever went to or wish to visit if never been?
The only racetrack I have ever been to is Laurel Racetrack. That was for the Maryland Million if I recall correctly. I actually was there because a friend of a friend was doing free henna there. I feel like I should say I want to watch the Preakness at would be easy enough for me to go, but tales of the drunken debauchery that goes on there are actually quite a turnoff for me.

3. Favorite horse real or fictional?
Midnight, of course.

4. What color of horse do you prefer and which markings on it?
My favorite is dapple gray.

5. Who is your riding idol?
Don't really have one.

6. Best place you've ever visited that isn't considered a major tourist attraction or is 'off the beaten path'?
Salamanca, Spain. It is home to the oldest university in Spain and is a huge hub for Spanish study abroad, so many of its inhabitants are temporary students and the retirees who host them. It's not the most well-known city, but absolutely adored my time there--it was so cheap, beautiful and walkable and I learned so much.
See, I don't always look as deranged as I did in my last post
 7. Favorite breakfast cereal?
Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I love to let it sit until it gets soggy and the milk becomes cinnamon sugar flavored.

8. Favorite non horse animal? Can't be cat or dog either...
Hmm. I can't say I really have a favorite besides dogs, cats and horses. I used to have a bunch of peach-faced lovebirds growing up but they were really bitchy.

9. What are you most afraid of?
 Aside from the normal stuff everyone is afraid of, like car crashes and other disasters, I'm afraid of rollercoasters and riding on waverunners--the latter of which is always used to tease me here at Lake Winnipesaukee.

10. Could you ever see yourself training or competing in dressage?

11. Three people, dead or alive, real or fictional you'd have dinner with?
Elizabeth Bishop
The Schramms of Evention--I'm counting them as one person
I had trouble thinking of a third, but this just popped in my mind: the Saudi Arabian woman who qualified for Olympic showjumping last year, but then her horse went lame at the last minute. I would love to hear about how she was able to get to that level of riding as a woman in Saudi Arabia (or if she had to train abroad) and what the real deal was with the last minute scratch.

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