Monday, July 8, 2013

Slowly Getting Used to Being Horse-Poor

Because really, what is life without a couple bad financial decisions at the tack shop?
 OK technically it was a GOOD (but expensive) decision because I ordered a used Intec Flex Rider vest off Ebay and it just did not fit at all. Also it kind of made me feel like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. So today I shipped it off to its new owner, found via the English Tack Trader FB group. Just shy of breaking even since I had to buy a box and tape at the post office, but lesson learned: pony up the cash and get things fitted rather than guessing. At least for the first time you buy something.

Oddly the vest I got to replace it is an Intec Crusader in the same size. You would think the sizing would be consistent, but of course not...this is weird equestrian brands, after all!

Boyfriend brings home hard cider=this face. No, really.
I also bought a medical armband and one of those easy hunter hairnets since my hair is short now and not as easy to tuck into my helmet without flyaways. Plus another item that will be featured in my next HorseNation article on Wednesday (suspense!).

So apparently Midnight's owner has just found another person to take on the other half of the half-lease...who is an accomplished eventer and has already schooled him over some of the XC jumps on the farm that will be used for the event I'm doing. Score! That makes me feel a lot better about my first ever XC lesson this week.

Jumpalooza here we come! Tomorrow I plan to hack around outside if I get to the barn before it's too dark. I still haven't cantered Midnight outside the arena so I hope it's not TOO interesting. Maybe I'll wear my new vest because I'm a huge weenie to get used to riding in it.

PS--Thank you SO much to all of you who have read my Horsenation articles!


  1. Ii'm enjoying all your HN articles! What are you going to buy with your voucher??

    1. Oh there are so many things I want...I might just save it and hope I win a few more so l can buy a couple things.

  2. That hair net may have changed my life. I had no idea they existed!

  3. That hair net looks amazing... and I want it!!!

  4. Today I thought one of my cats carried it off, never to be seen again, but I found it randomly on the floor. Phew!