Wednesday, July 24, 2013

So...anyone looking to buy a Passier?

That's right...the saddle did not fit. Whatsoever. There was only space for like 1-2 fingers of wither clearance.

I had my little pity party for myself last night--I felt so stupid. Like all things in the horse (and real) world, things don't  work out just because you want them to, and I am a total saddle fitting noob so I'm not sure why I expected them to. I'm changing my tack (ha) and going the more traditional route of getting some tracings and going to one of the many fine tack stores in my area once the saddle sells. Or if it doesn't sell quickly I might try reflocking it and seeing if that makes it fit better.

On that note, if you or anyone you know might be is the eBay listing for the saddle. Nothing wrong with it--a few small surface scratches that your butt will cover, and the billets are in great shape. I emailed Passier and it is a medium tree but I think it runs a bit on the narrower side.

It costs $800 plus shipping. I can do Ebay or Paypal if you don't want to bid. If I find a Paypal buyer of course I'd take down the Ebay ad because that would just get awkward if someone is expecting a saddle I no longer have!
More pictures on Ebay. Kitten not included.


  1. Beautiful saddle! I bet you'll be able to sell it soon enough!

  2. Oh no!! I'm sure it will sell :)

  3. Bummer. I hope you have good luck selling it quickly.

  4. Awww. That's too bad. But maybe after getting some trace drawings done, you'll be able to determine what would work best, in which case you can find something used again.