Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Polly Pictures! Plus, Foxhunting Attire Haul.

Had a friend come out to the barn this weekend to meet Polly and I finally have PICTURES!
Pretty girl got to show off her stuff!
 We did a little bit of everything--started off with our routine of walk-trot transitions and cantering in the ring (slowly but steadily improving there with promptness and balance), and then we headed through the creek to the XC field where we played with some of the lower logs.

Nice push there Pollywog!

It was only our second time jumping in the XC field, and these jumps were new to me, so I led Polly up to them for a good sniff.

She said, "What, do you think I'm stupid? I know what to do with logs!" Took me by surprise so I just flung my hands forward not-so-gracefully, but my friend and I were cracking up!

And we got a little video of  jumping the logs the other way.

The pictures revealed that I am pinching with my knee at some times and getting into a chair seat at others. I'm going to have to work on that!

I've also been slowly picking up hunting clothes...some used/on sale, some not...

For my birthday a few weeks ago, Byron won fiancé of the year (again) for buying me a brand new Melton at the Tack Box in Middleburg (despite my protests to get one used)! It is very warm, like a peacoat, but not as heavy as I expected it to be. I cannot WAIT to wear it this winter!

Foxy buttons
And even though I already have a navy show coat, that isn't quite proper for cubbing. I doubt anyone would care since I am new to the sport, but I did feel a little out of place when I went hilltopping and everyone else was in their beautiful earth tone tweeds and I looked like I was doing a hunter-under-saddle class. So...I caved to my weakness...Facebook tack trader groups. I found a jacket for $50 and a patterned stock tie for $10!

The stock just arrived today, and now that I see it with my jacket, I'm not 100% loving the combination. I think blue might go better with a gray jacket, so I may just make my own stock with more of a green-tone fabric.

Aaaand that's not it. The tack shop closest to me is on my way to the barn. Can we say temptation? So on my way back home this Sunday I saw  they were having a tent sale...and picked up a NEW canary vest (normally $160) for $60. I'm just telling myself that I haven't taken lessons regularly for months...this is just making up for it cost-wise. Right?

Byron was giving me prompts for modeling. This is my response to "Foxhunt for me baby!"

And, I may be able to actually use the informal coat for a hunter pace in a few weeks! It's kind of unnerving me that you have to register for hunter paces the day of, since I have to rely on others for transportation and I'm semi-worried that something might happen where they wouldn't want to go. Crossing my fingers that I will get to wear all these new things sooner rather than later! (Well, except the Melton.)

In the meantime...I do NOT need new breeches, I do NOT need new breeches...

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  1. Love her response to the log initally and all the great purchases!!

    Side note: your cat is really pretty :)