Saturday, May 3, 2014


So I am alive! I've been riding a lot, with lots of trails on weekends. I've also been writing and working and trying on wedding dresses and interviewing photographers and florists...hence little time for blogging.

In any case...this weekend was supposed to  be my first hunter pace, which unfortunately was canceled due to the wet ground. Bummer :( Hopefully we will get to go off the farm and do something soon!

But I wasn't too  bummed because we have a new baby on the farm as of 12:50 a.m. this morning!!! He is a TB colt, bred by a friend of the farm who is a racehorse trainer at Charlestown, WV.
Interestingly, the owner of the farm (who foaled him last night) thinks he will mature to be gray with black points rather than bay like he is now.

Sort of hard to see but he has eye "makeup" and adorably fuzzy ears!!!
Meeting Sally the old Jack Russell

Everything is fascinating on Day 1

Well, it's OK if we snuggle.


AND more exciting news...Byron's first riding lesson is tomorrow. Should at least be entertaining because he bought this insect-like monstrosity to put on his head:
Uvex Perfexxion

He thinks it looks like a skateboard helmet. Sigh...


  1. Wedding planning is a huge time-suck! Haha

  2. Hey, I like those helmets! Not aesthetically, but because I like to read up on the best new ways to protect my brain when I theoretically get tossed into an XC fence. Uvex is supposed to be one of the best.