Thursday, August 21, 2014

New blog!

Hey everyone (all two of you crickets),

I'm still here, still riding, and now having exciting adventures foxhunting with Potomac Hunt and watching Byron learn to ride.

Unfortunately the lease with Polly ended and I was sad about it so didn't feel like posting for a while. Plus I've WAY ramped up the number of articles I do for Horse Nation...and on top of that, the Collegial Equestrian moniker just doesn't quite seem to fit anymore--it's always felt a little stuffy, but especially so since I'm not in college anymore and I'm not really posting much about community/collegial topics. However, I DO want to keep a hunt journal so I can track my progress and look back on it one day.

What's your favorite potential blog name?

The Frugal Foxhunter: Alliteration, and true. Hunting has a reputation of being a rich man's sport but I have no horse, no trailer, and limited funds. It can be done!
The Liberal Foxhunter: Many hunt people are conservative politically. I am not...and I also hope to foxhunt "liberally" as in "a lot." Though writing about politics isn't really my thing, it might be interesting to write sometimes on how one walks the line of loving animals yet having no problem hunting cute little foxies. I have yet to really figure out how to explain this to most of my non-horsey friends.
Hunt Monitor: The Hunt Monitor is a phone hotline you call for weather cancellations and other last-minute changes. Kind of a boring name but the blog will sort of "monitor" my progress.
Grab Mane, Kick On: Many other things are changing (positively) in my life and this encompasses everything. And it feels pretty evergreen too.

Vote here! And if you've got any other suggestions, feel free to share in the comments.
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