Monday, January 28, 2013

Blog Hop: Head to Hoof

If you've ever done the daily feed/chores at your barn, you find that you get into a routine. Eyes clear? No drippy noses? Leg swellings? Anyone lame? You really have to read the horses' body language...not just for their health, but to avoid getting in the middle of two horses giving each other the stink eye (ear?), about to settle the pecking order.

So I thought for this blog hop, we could share stories from head to hoof. It can be anything--just has to somehow involve that body part.


Go ahead and keep adding to the list with each person who does the hop.
My answers:
Ears: There is absolutely nothing better than fluffy pony ears. There is a little pony at Gentle Giants named Evander (though he may have been adopted since I've seen him) who is very old, very swaybacked, and very white and fluffy.

I don't have a picture of him specifically, but he had the funniest little ears that were very close together and curved inward toward each other. He was some kind of mutt; who knows where those ears came from.
Just like this, but white, short, and closer together. via

Mouth: I had an instructor who liked to kiss his horses by lifting up their lips and giving them a kiss on their gums. It was sweet  I guess, but also really weird. Especially because the horse I usually rode really hated to be petted (he would flick his ears back like, "I'm working, can't you see that?" if I gave him a pat after a jump), but he loooved this kissy treatment.

Hoof: Well, just check out this rock is all I have to say.
Good thing I always, always, always pick out feet before I ride! That rock was really wedged in there. I had to enlist the barn manager's help to get it out, and we just about took the shoe with it so we had to duct tape up her foot till the farrier could come.


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  1. Not sure if I'm doing the bloghop, but found a picture that demonstrates Evander's ears. (My favoritest pony ever). This is actually from way back in 2009 right after GG brought him home from the auction:

  2. Those ears look like Marwari (Indian horse breed) ears :)

  3. The link you provided refers back into your blog.

    1. Ack. Sorry about that. The issue I keep having is that Blogger is changing that external link into a reference link. Not sure why. I was hoping it would work this week so people don't have to copy/paste the URL (that's just too 1999).

      But if you do copy/paste the URL it should work.