Monday, April 29, 2013

Day 18 – 30 Day Horse Challenge – Your grooming routine

Blech. I decided I didn't want to wear my old helmet (which I have also fallen in) to ride this week so I popped over to the tack store and got an inexpensive schooling helmet. Unfortunately they only had my size in a color I would NEVER choose to wear on my head voluntarily if I wasn't in this kind of "need a safe helmet by tomorrow" mindset.
 I still think it was the right choice but I am just not a shiny blue helmet kind of girl. Blech (again).
And the worst thing is it does actually come in a nice dark gray color. Oh well...I think it will be good to have a helmet I would not mind replacing at all for schooling since I was very sad to say goodbye to the CO. I will be taking advantage of their return credit policy but I won't be able to get out to the cheap tack store in VA for another weekend or two.

Beckett is always in these pics because he likes to try to run out the door when I get stuff from the garage.

And SmartPak order arrived today too, yay! The saddle pad is nothing fancy, just something so we have a plain saddle pad for the clinic. I think the clinician will love Beckett's fur accenting it.

The boots are completely unnecessary. He already has a pair of the same Legacy boots already...but in neon green. Ick. Also the velcro is starting to wear out on the green ones. (That's the real reason I had to get new boots.)

I wish the black part was white too, but oh well. Wanted to stay with a brand his owner approves of.

Protecty thing on the inside (that is the technical term)
And because I have NO self control, while I was at the tack store today, I also got a white Ariat polo to wear at the clinic. I figure it can double as a shirt to wear at work. I need more short sleeve shirts anyway.

At this point, I'm not sure if I'm justifying these purchases to convince myself or to convince you all.
But come on...look at the shiny buttons! And it wicks sweat!
But anyway, that is ENOUGH horsey purchases for this month!*

On to my grooming routine.
I feel like my routine is pretty standard--curry, hard brush, soft brush (which I omit if the hard brush does the job) and pick out feet. If the mane looks crazy I'll brush it out. After a ride I curry, or in Midnight's case I rub him with a towel since he hates being brushed. Or if it's hot, I give the horse a shower.

I have really been pestering him lately when it comes to grooming since I am attempting to pull his mane. Can you tell I want to make a good impression at this clinic? I've never gone to a clinic, and what's more, the clinician is coming to teach at the farm for the summer, so I'm hoping if it's not super expensive (and if I like her) I can take some lessons from her. Anyway, Midnight let me pull the first third of his mane (from the withers up), no problem, but now that I'm about halfway through, he starts pacing as soon as I back-brush the hair. And he doesn't cross-tie well. His owner said I could use her Grooma blade thing so hopefully he will tolerate that better. I certainly hope so because I got stomped on already with all his pacing. Still have all 10 toes, though some are a bit bruised. My protective gear certainly did its job this weekend!

Anyway...we shall see how he does with the mane pulling. I'll try to remember to take more pictures of him for you all.

*Good thing a new month is starting soon! Just kidding. I hope.


  1. Maybe try this method?

    From what I gather it's effective, but slow. Shelley @ Hunter Princess has tried it, perhaps she can chime in.

    1. I can certainly try next time...I don't think he is going to stand still long enough for me to take my time like that. Hence the need for a blade gadget thing that won't pull.

    2. Wow. Ok, was I wrong. I didn't listen to the audio of the video since I was at work, but today he stood stock still when I pulled the hairs out really slowly.

  2. Cool purchases! I like those boots a lot.

  3. Don't stop with the pictures! I love living vicariously through other people. The clinic sounds like it will be fun.